The story behind by Bjørk Studio

Artist and founder: Bjørk Emilie Nielsen, 25 years, Denmark.

I started painting in the fall of 2019. I did it to find a peaceful space where I could let my guard down and allow myself to feel without suppressing my anxiety. Creating art is my therapy. Through art, I tell my story about my struggle through anxiety, depression and stress - and help other young people who struggle with the same challenges. I create encompassing art for both private individuals and companies at home and abroad. I help to tie atmosphere, energy and decor together so that your home or office comes together as a higher unit. If you want to make a special order, or if you need something on the walls for your company, don't hesitate to contact me.I am so grateful for my art journey and excited to see what else it brings. Thank you.

Artist resume

February 2020 - start up and registrations.

July - December 2020 - exhibition at Gammel Køgegaard.

August 2020 - vernissage at Gammel Køgegaard.

August 2020 till September 2021 - exhibition HOS NORUP.

September 2020 - participation in the highly recognized podcast HVA' SÅ, by stand-up comedian Christian Fuhlendorff, to talk about art and mental health issues.

September 2020 - exhibition at AXELBORG law firm.

September 2020 - a well written article about by Bjørk Studio was published in the newspaper.

June 2021 - Big VIP event and BY BJØRK STUDIO vernissage.

September 2021 - exhibition at UNDER BUEN. 

October 2021 - Kunstklubben official gallery opening. 

October 2021 - CO founder of ''Kunstklubben Gadevang'' CVR 43062654

November 2021 - participation in a documentary about BY BJØRK STUDIO.

November 2021 - exhibition at Art Nordic, Lokomotivværkstedet.

March 2022 - exhibition at EXPO 2020 DUBAI. CANCELLED.

April 2022 - exhibition at CREATIVE MIND, øksnehallen. 

June 2022 - exhibition at FILOSOFFEN, Odense

June 2022 - exhibition at ART NORDIC, lokomotivværkstedet.

July 2022 - cooperation with Guto Ajayu culture, by participating in the art book ANTHOLOGY V 2022, that is presented in Madrid and given to cultural networks such as gallerists, art managers, art dealers and collectors. 

September 2022 - Åbne Atelierdøre Høje Taastrup 2022

December 2022 - Participation in OPERATION X ''Da Danmark blev til grin''.

Marts 2023 - Participation in the book ''Kunstruten København''

April 2023 - Participation in Girl Talk podcast about mental health

Maj - juli 2023 - Exhibition at Bird & Bird law firm

Maj 2023 - Art event at Bird & Bird law firm

September 2023 - Art Unites 1.-3. sep. (Art nordic)

February 2024 - FORMLAND Herning